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Sucess Maker  


Would you like to have additional practice work at home for reading and math?

 Would you like to have a fun, interactive computer program that works on exactly what your child needs in reading and math?

 If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please read about this exciting resource that is available to you anywhere you can get an internet connection – anywhere, anytime!

     Success Maker is an educational software program that is used at school to differentiate and personalize reading and math instruction for all our students. Your child can work on the material at home that is needed to be successful at his/her individual level. The program will automatically re-teach areas of difficulty as well as challenge your child in areas of strength. It is an excellent way to practice the skills your child needs - anywhere and anytime.

 1.    Go to Madison City Schools Web Portal by logging on to our website at      


 2.   Select “Students” from the Home Page

3.   Select “Web Portal”

4.   Log in to the Web Portal using your computer login information




5. Select the “Applications” tab in the top toolbar from the Menu selections

6. Select                                from the drop-down menu

7. Log in using your                             login information



Your childs username is: first name, middle initial, last initial

Password: first initial,last initial,lunch number

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Mystery Reader Sign-Up September-December  

Mystery readers

*Please arrive at 11:10 in our classroom!*

*You can bring your own favorite book or I have some in the classroom you can pick from.*


·        September 13th- Dr. Jah


·        October 4th- Mrs. Geartner

·        October 11th- Mrs. Kula

·        October 18th- Mrs. Helms

·        October 25th- Mrs. Jackson


·        November 1st- Mrs. Hall

·        November 15th- Mrs. Langston

·        November 22nd- Mrs. LaPietra


·        December 6th- Savannah’s grandmother

·        December 13th- Mr. Langston

·        December 20th- Mrs. Beam

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